Friday, February 3, 2012

Bioethics Poetry, Katy Giebenhain edition

Glucose Self-Monitoring

A stabbing in miniature, it is,
a tiny crime,
my own blood parceled
drop by drop and set
on the flickering tongue
of this machine.

It is the spout-punching of trees
for syrup new and smooth
and sweeter
than nature ever intended.
It is Sleeping Beauty's curse
and fascination.
It is the dipstick measuring of oil
from the Buick's throat,
the necessary maintenance.

It is every vampire movie ever made.

Hand, my martyr without lips,
my quiet cow.
I'll milk your fingertips
for all they're worth.
For what they're worth.

Something like a harvest, it is,
a tiny crime.

Katy Giebenhain

(This poem first appeared in Prairie Schooner; used by permission of the author)


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  2. wow, I like this poetry.. it has a deep meaning.. nice work..

  3. Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.