Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Insurance Reform Successes

This report from the Centers for Disease Control shows that provisions of the Obama health insurance reform law which went into effect in 2010 have resulted in an additional 2.5 million young adults (19- to 25-year-olds) having insurance coverage. And while we're talking about provisions of the health reform law that are already helping people, let's not forget the reduced Medicare Part C premiums and the Medicare "doughnut-hold" drug rebates for the over-65 set; the no-copay, no-deductible preventative care; the low-rate "pre-existing condition" insurance pools that have allowed some seriously-ill people to find coverage; the tax credits for small businesses who insure their workers; the restrictions on insurance-company limits on what they'll spend on the seriously-ill; and the limits on health plans' ability to spend premium dollars on marketing and administration. All of these benefits are already flowing from Obamacare. If people knew what was in it, they might be less anxious to ask judges to strike it down.

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  1. There is not very many if at all any programs that are full comprehensive that will accept a person with a condition let alone cover them from day one. WHat if you were diagnosed with cancer today where wuold you got to get coverage? Sort of like a car accident then getting coverage for it. It is a rough picll to swallow at first because anything new is always scary. Im an advocate though and i think that if i have diabetes and cant get coverage i deserve from privates carriers without a mortgage payment premium then im glad that preexisting condition insurance plan is around.
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